Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pretty Good Saturday

Hiker and I decided to sleep in a little later this morning. That's the first morning we've done that in over a week. I'm trying to get out of the habit. We got up just before 7:30 and went out for a morning walk. Now I have two main reasons why we cannot walk on hot afternoons...don't want to burn Hiker's paw pads and now that she has been shaved, I don't want her to get sunburned. Plus I hate the heat anyway. I put her monthly flea/tick medication on her this morning. I started using VetGuard Plus instead of Frontline Plus. I read where it actually kills and repels more parasites than Frontline Plus and it's a lot cheaper to buy. Smells good too. Just like lemons. Hiker was acting like she was mad at me today. She seemed to be avoiding me. Don't know if it's because I made her get a bath and a haircut or if it was because I put her flea/tick medication on her. I know how much she loves to ride in the car, so after lunch I took her for a drive up to Vasquez Rocks because I wanted to check to see if the new Interpretive Center they built there was open yet. It was, but it was too hot to leave her in the car if I went in, so I'll check with Jean and see if she'd like to go up there next week. I could smell smoke in the air all day. Can't see anything, but I do know there is a fire up near Castaic and also one up by Frasier Park, so I'm sure that I am smelling smoke from them.

Lazy dog

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