Monday, May 20, 2013

Prayers For Oklahoma

Had our regular dog walk/play date with Jean and her dogs this morning. After our walk, it started getting really windy here with Santa Ana Winds so it started getting really warm really quick. After Jean left, I had breakfast and then headed over to Sam's Club. Too hot to do anything this afternoon so I was watching TV and saw that a huge tornado slammed into Moore, OK. They think it was an EF5 and they said it was up to 2 ¾ miles wide at one time. It took out hundreds of houses for miles. It took the exact same track as the EF5 that went through Moore, OK in 1999. They said it hit 2 schools that were full of children. I just sat there watching with tears rolling down my cheeks. After surviving 2 big earthquakes myself, I kind of know what those poor folks are going through.

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