Friday, May 17, 2013

It's Friday

We had another marine layer here this morning. Had our morning dog walk and play day with Jean's dogs and then headed over to Jean's house so she could groom Hiker. She shaved so much hair off of hike that she completely filled a 2 gallon trash can with it. There was enough hair there to cover a couple of hairless Chihuahuas. I said it was too bad neither Jean nor I could knit because we could use Hiker's hair to make a Calico scarf (LOL). We had a good laugh when Jean had Hiker in the tub bathing her. Hiker kept farting, then after the bath, Hiker kept farting and boy were they strong ones if you know what I mean. I don't know what she ate that gave her so much gas. Maybe it was just nerves. Anyway, Hiker no longer looks like the same dog. She looks so lean and sleek. She sure does not have any fat on her body. After lunch I took Hiker for a walk around our community and we stopped by the office to show off Hiker's new “do”. Started getting breezy while we were out. Watched a good movie on NetFlix with Andy Griffith, a comedy called “Playing The Game”.

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