Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Group & Lunch

Went to my weekly Grief Support Group today. Seems like we now have the same regulars all of the time. Have not had anyone new for several weeks. After group, the usual group of ladies went to Backwoods Inn for lunch. We were getting tired of the same old places we've been going to for the past year or so and decided to go somewhere different. Backwoods was Ben's favorite place to eat in town. We used to go there every Saturday for lunch. Got home a little later than normal. Hiker must have been asleep when I walked in the door because she was not there to greet me. Once I got inside though, she came running. She “helped” me put the trash bins out at the curb and walked up to the mailbox with me and then she “helped” me rake the leaves in my backyard. Had an email from Jean this morning that her little dog Sassy (Hiker's BFF) had thrown up a couple of times this morning. Hope she is OK. Got up into the mid-80's today.

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