Friday, May 31, 2013

Smoky Day

Had our Friday dog walk/play date with Jean and the dogs. Was already starting to get warm outside. By 8 am it was already 70°. There were a lot of people out walking dogs and a lot of kids were out too. Some of the schools got out already, while some of the others will not get out until next week. Hiker and I walked down to the community office to drop off our land lease payment for June. Spoke with Chris (community manager) about all of the houses popping up for sale in the neighborhood. The people 4 houses down from me sold their house and they packed up a moving van a couple of days ago and they were just getting ready to leave for the last time as Hiker and I came back from the office. I spoke with them. They are moving to Fortuna, CA where their 2 sons live. I told them that Ben and I loved that part of the state and used to vacation there every year. We had even considered moving there many years ago, but I'm kind of glad now that we didn't because I would have been alone up there with no friends or family close by. I went over to KFC to pick up some lunch and when I came back into my community, I saw that the smoke from the Powerhouse Fire, which is burning a few canyons north of where I live, was getting much worse. At least it's not windy. As the smoke got into the upper atmosphere, it spread out like clouds so it looked like a partially cloudy day here.

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