Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Day At The Fair

Didn't sleep well last night. I was thinking about going to the car dealer tomorrow. I'm excited about car shopping but not about the long negotiations. Jean and I went to the Ventura County Fair today. It was Seniors Day. It was really crowded. I think there were more people there than there was last year. As soon as we entered the fair, we ran into our neighbor Charlene. We accused her of being the official greeter (LOL). I only took 2 photos at the fair. It was so crowded that if I stopped to take a picture of anything, I just about got knocked down. We checked out all of the exhibit buildings and checked out the livestock. Also there was a Toyota display there and they had a Rav4 on display so I checked it out. Really like it a lot. The young man who was showing them was very nice and gave us all kinds of information about the car. He told us that the Rav4 is on a Camry chassis, so it is much bigger now. My friend Jane from Grief Group had told me to have some cotton candy while at the fair. Well Jean and I looked everywhere and never did see any for sale. In one of the commercial buildings we found a booth that sold dog stuff, so we both bought some magnets for our vehicles. They overcharge for food at the fair, so we went up to Main Street Ventura and had lunch at the Busy Bee Cafe. I had a patty melt and Jean got the cold meatloaf sandwich. We both had diet cherry Cokes and they were really good. They make them just like the old days with real cherry juice. After we left Ventura, we headed down to Camarillo to stop by the home of some people who used to be our neighbors in Canyon View Estates. They are leaving on vacation so Jean is going to board their little dog Jonah, so we picked him up to bring him to Jean's house. Hiker was so excited when I got home. At the fair we had visited a booth for dog rescue and if you gave them a small donation, they gave you a gift. I got a squeaky pig toy for Hiker and I gave it to her when I came in the door. She loves it! She has been running all over the house with it. So tomorrow morning, Jean and I will be heading over to the Toyota dealer around 8:30 am so wish me luck.

This sow had 12 piglets that were born on July 19

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