Monday, August 12, 2013

A New Week

Went on our every Monday dog walk with Jean and her dogs. She is boarding 2 dogs again so we had a total of 6 dogs on our walk and play date. Our mornings are so nice. Like I mentioned, they are almost “fall like” which I love, but it has gotten warmer today than it has been. We were in the mid to high 80's, but today it is in the low 90's. After we came home and Hiker and I had breakfast, I did some house cleaning because Keith will be coming for a visit starting this Thursday so I wanted to get it done before he gets here. I decided to sign up for Amazon Prime today. I have been using Netflix for my streaming movies but with Amazon Prime I also get free 2-day shipping on items that I order on Amazon. I can also watch “Under The Dome” for free on the Amazon Prime since I cannot see it on CBS. The newest episode comes out the Friday after it airs on the Monday before. Didn't do much else today.

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  1. I'm just popping over from Denise's blog. I noticed your name was Kay also and I couldn't resist. I do have several Kays on my sidebar. We've been watching Under the Dome also and finished watching Zero Hour. We are considering getting Netflix. We stopped our subscription when they did that price thing which irritated us, but I think it's time to forgive and forget.


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