Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cannot Believe It's August

Well I took my 4Runner in for “routine” service this morning and naturally, they found two major problems and two minor problems with it. Seems like every time I take either car in for service, they always find something else. I told them to go ahead a fix everything while they have it there and I took the customer shuttle home until they call me later to come pick the 4Runner up. Thank goodness I get the 10% senior discount, but it still costs a pretty penny to maintain an older vehicle. The 4Runner is 11 years old and the Corolla is 10 years old. After Ben died, I considered selling of the vehicles but I remember Ben telling me that we should always keep two vehicles because you need a spare car like you need a spare tire, but now I'm beginning to wonder. I think I'd lean more toward keeping the 4Runner and selling the Corolla. The 4Runner has about 50,000 more miles on it than the Corolla does and I know it does not get the good gasoline mileage that the Corolla does, but I feel that the 4Runner is built better, is sturdier and I have room to carry things in it that I can't in the Corolla. It's getting costly for maintaining two, registrations, tires, shocks, etc. My land lease is going up in October also, so that is making me really think. I really don't know what to do. Called Julie (my service tech) around 1:30 pm to see how my 4Runner was doing and she said it probably won't be ready until around 4 pm so I took Hiker out on a short walk down to Discovery Park. Had gotten a little warmer, but it was nice when we were in the shade. Will have to decide what to have for dinner since once the customer shuttle picks me up and takes me over to the dealer and I pay for the work and get my car back and drive home, it will be too late to cook anything.

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