Thursday, August 29, 2013

Techie Day

Got up at 7 am and Hiker and I went for a mile and a half walk. It was already getting hot and muggy. I was having a strange dream when I woke up. For years I have had dreams that after I retired from Lockheed that I went back to work there planning to only be there for a short time and retire again (strange). Anyway, I was having a dream that once again, I had gone back to work there. Besides me returning after retirement, my friend Judy Holdt was also back there working after retirement. In the dream our boss was leaving to go to another company and she was putting Judy in her position as boss. I recognized the woman who was our boss in my dream as a woman who really did work with us years ago at Lockheed, but I cannot remember her name) Well Judy wanted me to be her assistant and I agreed, but I told her I would be retiring (again) very soon and this time I actually filled out the paperwork to do so. In all of my other dreams, there was always a deadline of when you could fill out the paperwork and I always seemed to miss it, but this time I didn't. Also saw my friend Rick Kuklok in the dream. He is also retired now but he was working again too. I went over to my friend Gin's house today. She is a widow in her 80's who goes to my support group and she has been having some computer problems so she wanted me to check it out for her. She is using Norton for her Anti-Virus which is one of the worst ones to use plus it costs money. I told her that the Norton is causing her computer to run slow and showed her the difference if I turned Norton off how much faster her computer worked. Problem is, she just renewed her Norton for a year and still has almost 250 days left of it and they won't refund any unused money, so I told her I would leave Norton on her computer until February but then we need to remove it and put Microsoft Security Essentials on it so that it will run faster and she won't have to pay for the Anti-Virus. I ran some scans on her computer to make sure she didn't have any viruses or malware and I downloaded a disc and registry cleaner and set them to automatically run on her computer. She made me lunch and we sat and talked for awhile. She has the cutest little dog named Goldie who is a Doxie/Chihuahua. Got up to 103° here today. YUCK!


  1. Goldie sounds cute. Are Hiker and her friends???

  2. Hiker and Goldie have never met and Gin tells me that Goldie does not get along well with other dogs, so I doubt they will be friends. But Goldie sure is cute.


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