Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fun Day With Friends

Slept in a little this morning. Drove up to Palmdale, CA to have lunch with some of the ladies I worked with at Lockheed for so many years. All but one of us is retired now. There were only six of us this time. For those of you who might know them, it was me, Kay Limpus, Gail Plessner, Diana Brewer, Judy Holdt and Jacki Sanderson. Diana is the one that still works and she always has “gossip” for us from the old salt mine. Was about 102° out in Palmdale and was 99° in Canyon Country when I got home. Judy had given me a new toy to bring home to Hiker and as always, Hiker loved it. Every new toy she gets, she puts aside all of her other toys and ignores them totally.

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  1. I guess Hiker is a lot like a lot of kids with new toys. 102 degrees? Yikes.


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