Friday, August 2, 2013

Maybe I'll Get Some Sleep Tonight

Tossed and turned all night trying to make a decision of what to do about my vehicles. Do I sell one, do I keep both or do I sell both and buy a new vehicle? I think I have finally come to a decision and I think I have a plan and that is to buy a new one, but I will have to see if the dealership will agree with my terms. I want to wait until my brother Keith comes up for his next visit so he can go over to the dealership with me. This is the first major (and pricey) decision that I have made by myself since Ben passed away. I am pretty confident that I will be able to buy a new vehicle and I can do it without having to make any monthly payments. So I hope my plan works. I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night. Hiker got me up at 6 am to let her go outside and I tried to go back to sleep when she came back in, but I was too excited about my plan, so we got up and had breakfast. After breakfast I mopped my kitchen floor and since I had decided to try to change the lock on my patio door by myself, I started to work on that. It turns out I didn't have to get a new lock because once I got the old one off and cleaned it up a little and put it back in the door, it seemed to work much better. Didn't feel loose like it did before. Went up to Sam's Club and did some shopping. It was a beautiful morning here. I spoke with Jean today. We have not been dog walking because she is boarding 2 large dogs and Hiker is afraid of them. Anyway, she told me that if I don't want to wait until Keith comes up that she would go with me to the Toyota dealer if I want to buy a car. She went by herself to buy her Rav4 a few years ago and worked out a deal with them. Well Time Warner dropped CBS2 and KCAL9 here in the greater Los Angeles area about 2 hours ago. I hope they come to an agreement soon.

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