Friday, August 16, 2013

Another Week Come & Gone

Did our usual Friday dog walk and play date with Jean and her dogs then Jean wanted me to come to her house because she needed to groom her dog Sassy and Sassy squirms a lot when she is on the grooming table. Jean wanted me there to hold Sassy while Jean groomed. After lunch, took Hiker with me up to PetSmart. She loves going there because she knows they have cookies behind the counter. I needed to buy some flea & tick preventatives for her. I found some all natural ones that do not use pesticides, just natural plant oils. When we first walked into the store, Hiker went right over to the check out person and sat down to ask for a cookie and she got one, then when we were checking out, she went behind the counter and sad down to ask for another one. At least she sits like a good girl to get one. Got up to 100° here today. Watched the latest episode of “Under The Dome” on Amazon Prime. That's the only way I can watch it since I still don't get CBS on Time Warner.

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  1. That's really annoying that you can't get CBS. I read the synopsis for Under the Dome on Wikipedia and it looks like they've really changed the plot quite a bit. Hiker sounds like such a well behaved friend.


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