Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cloudy, Hot and Muggy

Went to my support group at the senior center today. They are refinishing the main parking lot there and it is all a mess. We are now parking in the back lot which actually has more spaces than the front lot does. You can see the bison at Hart Park from the back lot. We also are having our meeting in a different room since they have our regular room blocked off because of the work. Actually, I like the new room better. It is in the main building instead of in one of the trailers and it is closer to the restroom which is a big plus (LOL). The heavy lady that comes to our sessions is so obnoxious. We all thought Edwin was bad when he first came, but she is worse than he is. At least now she is wearing pants instead of the dresses, so we don't have our “peep” show anymore thank goodness. What none of us like about her is that she is a “know-it-all”. She tries to tell people what they should do about certain situations and she doesn't even know anyone's story. She also has something to say about everything. Obviously she reads a lot and she will start telling a story like she was actually there, but in reality it was something that she read somewhere and she tries to make it funny, but it's not and she's the only person laughing. None of us still understand why she is coming to our group because she is not a widow, but we cannot stop her from coming because it is open to anyone. It has been cloudy and very humid here today. I remember when people used to say they didn't like summers in southern California because it was so hot and we would reply “yes but at least it is a dry heat”. Not anymore. We are getting more and more humid here as the years go by and us natives are not used to it. Some of us girls went to Round Table Pizza for lunch after group. I left a little earlier than the rest because school is back in session and I have to drive right by the junior high, so I try to get past that point before all of the buses and parents start arriving to pick up the kids and cause a major traffic jam. I've gotten caught in it before and I hate it. When I got home, Hiker “helped” me put the trash bins out at the curb and she went with me up to the mailbox, then I walked her down to the park. I wanted to get some photos of the beautify clouds. It was so muggy that by the time we got back home I was soaking wet with sweat. Come on fall, hurry up and get here.

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