Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pleasant Day

Went to my support group today. We didn't have too many people in this session. A lot of them are off visiting family for the summer. We were all very happy to see that the new woman was wearing long pants today, but now we are all wishing she would wear a bra. Oh well. We went to lunch at Cathy's Deli and as always, had a good time. On my way home, I was driving down Soledad Canyon Road towards my house and I saw a sheriff on a motorcycle coming up really fast in the lane next to me with his lights and siren on. After him came two more black and white cars and then another 8 or so black and white cars, plus 3 or 4 unmarked cars. All of them had lights and sirens going and all passed me like I was standing still. Had no idea what was going on, so when I got home, I checked out our local radio station's Facebook Page and they were going to assist the Parole Department in finding an “at large parolee”. They gave his description, but it did not mention why they were looking for him. They had a command post set up at the Albertson’s parking lot at Soledad Canyon and Sierra Highway.


  1. Good thing you didn't run into that guy the police were looking for.


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