Sunday, August 4, 2013

Peaceful Sunday

Woke up from a strange dream this morning. It seems I was visiting a woman I used to work with at Lockheed. Keith was with me. The woman was showing us around the mobile home she lived in, but then I was alone on a mountain trail taking pictures with my cell phone. I went back to the mobile home to find Keith and found him standing on a lake beach taking photos of the lake. The beach was crowded with people and I remember I saw a group of boys dressed in Civil War costumes which I thought was strange. I held my cell phone up to take their photo with the lake in the background, but instead of them being on my screen, I saw Ben standing there smiling and posing for the photo. I quickly snapped the picture hoping Ben would be in it, but when I looked at the photo all I saw was the lake. No Ben and no boys in costume, and I woke up. Got up and took Hiker for a walk around our gated community, then we went by the liquor store to get my lottery tickets and then we headed west, up Highway 126 into Ventura County. I needed to burn more gasoline in the Corolla, so we drove up to Piru, CA and walked around their town park and then farther west to Fillmore, CA to the railroad park and walked around some there. I was able to use of ¼ gallons of gas so far. Now I need to also burn some gas in the 4Runner. I will do that when Jean and I go up to the Ventura County Fair on Tuesday. When Hiker and I returned home, I had some lunch, did a load of laundry and vacuumed the carpet.

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