Saturday, August 3, 2013

Nice Afternoon For A Ride In The Country

Finally got a pretty good sleep last night. Went to bed around 9:30 pm and actually fell asleep before 10:30 pm. Hiker and I got up and went for a morning walk. It was very nice outside and there were a lot of people walking their dogs. Came home and had some breakfast and then I decided I'd take anything out of my vehicles that I really didn't need in them right now. Jean called me yesterday and asked me when I wanted to start car shopping. We decided on Wednesday. She is still boarding the extra dogs this weekend and Monday after our dog walk, she goes to the Senior Center to play cards. Tuesday, I normally go to my Grief Support Group at the Senior Center, but this Tuesday, Jean and I are going up to the Ventura County Fair. Tuesday is “Seniors Day” and we get in free. After lunch I remembered that I had just filled both of my vehicles with gasoline last week and that they are both completely full. Last week I had no idea that I would be shopping for a new car next week. I don't go through gasoline very fast, but I hate the thought of “giving” a car dealer a full tank of gas if I give them my cars for trade-ins. I thought maybe Hiker and I should get out for some car rides (which as you know Hiker loves). We headed up through Soledad Canyon north towards Acton, CA. Took back roads all the way so I could snap some photos. Went all the way up to the Palmdale Grade and then headed back towards home. We stopped off at Vasquez Rocks because there was a t-shirt in their gift shop I've been wanting to buy but every time I went there, the gift shop was closed. I found out last time I was up there that the gift shop was only open on weekends, so that's why we stopped there. I finally got the t-shirt I wanted. We headed back home. Problem is, my Corolla gets such good gas mileage, even after about a 50 to 60 mile round trip drive, I don't think the gas needle even moved. I'll just have to take Hiker for another drive tomorrow and I guess I'll drive the 4Runner up to Ventura when Jean and I go to the fair on Tuesday. That's about a 50 to 60 mile drive one way, so hopefully that will use up some of the gasoline. If I knew how to siphon it out, I would (LOL).


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  1. Picking out a new car will be such a chore. But fun too. Good Luck. Have fun at the fair.


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