Friday, August 30, 2013

Last Friday Of August

Hiker and I had our normal Friday morning dog walk with Jean and her dogs. We left at 7 am and it was already 75° and starting to get muggy outside. Because of the humidity, the bugs were eating us up as we walked. Hiker has been scratching and chewing on herself a lot lately and I thought it was fleas or bugs, but I checked her out really good and don't see anything on her, so Jean and I talked about it and Jean thinks Hiker is having a problem with dry skin. We went up to PetSmart and I bought some lotion to put on Hiker where she keeps chewing on herself. The lotion is for hot spots, rash or itching and it has aloe in it. Since I put it on her, I have not noticed her chewing for awhile. She would chew on her back so much that her hair would be sopping wet. Once again we stayed inside all day. It was a few degrees cooler today, but not much. I see in the 10 day forecast that a week from today it is supposed to be 104° which does not make me happy. Watched the latest episode of “Under The Dome” today on Amazon. Wonder if this dispute between Time Warner and CBS will ever end. I've read that whatever happens between them that it will set the precedent for negotiations between networks and other cable/satellite companies from now on.

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  1. Hot spots on a dog can make them miserable. Hope the lotion does the trick for Hiker.


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