Friday, August 9, 2013

Casual Friday

Something woke me up a little after 3 am and I was not able to go back to sleep. Finally got up a 6 am and met up with Jean and her dogs at 7 am for a walk. She said that just after 3 am, she had gotten up to go to the bathroom and she heard either a gunshot or a firecracker. I'm thinking that is what woke me up, even though I don't remember hearing it. After the dog play date, had some breakfast and then I went grocery shopping. Found out that Hiker is “afraid” of the new car. I took her for a short ride in it yesterday and as I mentioned, she acted like I had put her in someone else's car and that I was going to leave her. I guess because the new car does not smell like me or her, she thinks it's not ours. I tried to get her to go into the garage with me this morning and she hid in the house. That's how I figured out she was afraid of it. She will eventually get used to it. After lunch I went over to Big Lots to buy a twin fitted sheet to put on my passenger seat when Hiker goes with me in the car. I had put a towel on the seat yesterday and even with the towel, there were a few of her hairs on the seat when she got out. The interior is black so it really shows the hair a lot. Was really a nice day here today...low to mid 80's which is great for SoCal in August.

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