Monday, August 19, 2013

Pleasant But Busy Monday

Did our regular Monday dog walk/play date this morning. The weather was really nice this morning before it got really hot. When I got up at 6 am, it was partly cloudy. I guess they had some thunderstorms in the desert last night. There was a nice breeze and once again it felt like fall weather, but by 9 am, it was already getting really hot. By 10 am it was already 90° outside. Jean usually leaves around 8:30 am but today she stayed until 9 am, so I was late starting my housework. I needed to do the stuff that I didn't get to this past weekend because Keith was here. I had to clean the big bathroom, wash my sheets and towels, dust and vacuum. Also ran my dishwasher. I was only going to do some of the stuff, but then I remembered that Jean and I are going to the antiques swap meet tomorrow so I wanted to get everything done today. The thermometer read 94° at 2:30 pm when I walked up to the mailbox, but it didn't really feel that hot. There was a bit of wind and I could see thunderhead clouds off to the east.

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