Thursday, March 28, 2013

Busy Day With Brother Keith

Hiker and I got up around 7 am and Keith got up around 7:30. We had breakfast and then Keith and I went over to Wal-Mart. Came back home and picked up Hiker and headed over to Whitney Canyon to do a little hike. Nice morning over there. Came back home to drop Hiker off and then Keith and I headed out for lunch. We had planned to go to Lily's Cafe but we walked in and there was not an empty table to be seen so we decided to go over to Cathy's Deli for lunch instead. Came home and then went to do my grocery shopping. Finally settled down at home and played some ball with Hiker. Will probably try to do a walk this evening after dinner. We rented “Lincoln” last night from On Demand. We both said it was not quite what we expected but neither of us really knew what we expected it to be. We found it historically interesting but did not really find it very entertaining. Oh well. Tomorrow we have to get up early so Keith can get me over to the Kaiser Medical Center for my eye appointment. I am NOT looking forward to this appointment at all.

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