Monday, March 25, 2013

Hiker And Her Red Ball May Be The Death Of Me (LOL)

Didn't do much today. Went over to Jean's around 9:30 am and picked up Charlie to take him for a walk with Hiker. I'm beginning to wonder if there is prostitution going on down in Discovery Park. I've seen some scantily clad “ladies” down there two days in a row. This park does not have any grass, so it is not the type of place you would go to sunbathe., but these “ladies” appear to be doing just that (maybe). They are lying on the wood chips that are in the playground area. They have on extremely short shorts and sports bras. They are very thin in appearance and they are wearing a lot of makeup. There were two of them yesterday and today there was only one there. She was lying on a towel and a young man came into the park and he set up a “portable punching bag” and was doing some boxing moves. After awhile, this “lady” got up and went over to him and said “Hi. What are you doing?” then she started flirting with him. By the time the dogs and I left the park, she had this young man showing her how to do some boxing moves. I guess what has me wondering is the fact these ladies are dressed the way they are and that as I said before, this is not the kind of place people would go to sunbathe. Played some ball with Hiker in the backyard this afternoon. Was getting a little overcast while we were out there.

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