Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hump Day

Hiker gets really upset when she cannot find me in the house. This morning when we got up, it was still dark outside. I let Hiker outside to go potty and then I put her food in her bowl for her and I headed into the front bedroom to turn on my small laptop and run my weekly scans and cleanup on it. I didn't turn the bedroom light on when I went in there and I was standing in the dark waiting for the computer to start up. Hiker came running down to the bedroom to look for me but she could not see me in the dark, so she ran back to our bedroom, but she could not find me there either. I could hear her running all over the house looking for me and I could tell by the noises she was making (a little whimper) that she was panicking. She came back into the bedroom where I was at least 2 more times and still did not see me standing there. Finally when she came back again, I said something to her and she ran to me and started jumping up on me and she finally calmed down. When I tell her I am going somewhere, like to the store or to group, she knows I'm not going to be there and she does not panic. It was overcast today. A storm was coming through the center of California, but bypassing us. All we got were high clouds. I went over to Wal-Mart this morning and bought a 10” digital photo frame for my photographs of Ben. I had bought a 7” one right after Ben had died, but I've been wanting a bigger one. While I was eating lunch, my brother Keith called me and said that his doctor had called him and told him that his last blood workup showed that he is slightly anemic. They want him to run a few more tests. After the phone call, I took Hiker out for a 1.5 mile walk. It was cloudy but very humid.

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