Saturday, March 23, 2013

Warm Saturday

Chilly morning when Hiker and I woke up. I actually had to turn the furnace on for a little while to get the chill of the house, but then it warmed up. Did some laundry and after the gardener finished with the lawns, Hiker and I headed over to Jean's to pick up Timmy as it was his turn to go for a walk with us. It was beautiful outside by the time we went. Sunny and breezy. Came back to Jean's and visited with her for a little while then headed home to have lunch. After lunch, Hiker and I went out into the yard and played ball for awhile, then we went for another short walk down to the park. By now it was in the mid-80's and so we didn't stay out too long. Going to have one of my favorite comfort foods for dinner tonight...mac, cheese and little smokies. MMMMM.

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