Thursday, March 21, 2013

Looks Like Spring Outside

Got up around 7:45 am and had breakfast, then decided to take Hiker up to the Pet Smart and see if I could find some breath freshener for her. Sometimes her breath smells like an outhouse (LOL). I found some liquid that you put in her water that is supposed to help prevent tartar and also freshen her breath. I sure hope it works. When we got back home, we went up to Jean's and got Sassy and took her out for a morning walk. Came home and sat down to watch “The Young And The Restless” but found out that the STUPID “March Madness” was on so no Y&R. It makes me so mad when the pre-empt Y&R every year at this time for a dumb basketball playoff. I really don't think anyone really cares about the playoff and I really doubt there are that many people who are home to watch it during the day anyway. Hiker and I played a little ball out in the backyard. She loves me to kick the ball and then she chases it all over the yard. She even gets hold of it with her teeth and tosses it into the air, or kicks it with her legs. It got up to around 80° here today.

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  1. Hi Kay, A vet told me once that when a dog has bad breath, it sometimes means that there is a bad tooth. You might have that checked. OR---I also heard that dogs need to eat those hard, chewy bones --which are good to help with the tarter, etc. on their teeth. Good Luck...



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