Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Good Friends/Good Food

I had to get up earlier this morning because I was going to my group over at the senior center. The session was extremely crowded today. The “new” guy from last week came back and we also had 2 new ladies. Our sessions are in a very small room in a trailer and we were packed like sardines. We really need a larger place to have our meetings. Saw Lisa who works for my attorney. I was just thinking that in a month or so, I will not longer have that attorney on retainer. I had signed up with her for 2 years when Ben was in the hospital and those 2 years are almost up. When we were leaving the senior center, I noticed a little dog tied up outside of the main lobby of the center. We knew it belonged to someone who was inside probably having lunch and they had left the dog outside in the shade with a bowl of water. The dog had a “growth” on its head and I told the ladies that if Hiker ever had anything like that's I'd have it removed if possible. It was a cute little dog and very friendly. Then when I went to get in my car, there was a Weimaraner sitting in the driver's seat of the car parked next to me. For some reason I seem to notice dogs all of the time now (LOL). After group, about 7 of us went over to Lily's Cafe for lunch. Only 1 of the ladies had ever eaten at Lily's so it was new for the rest of us. Years ago, this cafe was a 50's diner and Ben and I used to go there a lot. Then it changed to an Asian cafe, but now it serves all kinds of foods. The food was very good and the prices were great as was the service. When I got home and came in the door, Hiker didn't come to greet me like she normally does. Before I had gone to the senior center, I had scolded Hiker for digging a small hole in the back yard, so I think she may have thought I was still mad at her so she was “hiding”. I called her and she came running and once I hugged and kissed her, she was all over me.

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