Sunday, March 17, 2013

Had A Great Hike This Morning

Got up at 6 am to let Hiker outside and it was already 61° because there were a few clouds. By 8 am it had cleared up and was beautiful outside. I really could have stayed in bed longer but made myself get up to take Hiker for a morning hike over in Whitney Canyon. The canyon is beautiful in the morning, this time of year. Even without us having much rain, everything is so green. I love this canyon because it has such pretty oak groves and so many nice grassy meadows. Did not go all the way to the waterfall because there is no need to when there's no water in the canyon. We've had a little rain this winter, but not enough for the creek to run. We hiked in a little over a mile and then back to the car so we did almost 2.5 miles. Got there early enough today to find a nice parking spot. The last time we tried to go there could not find a place to park. There were a lot of cars in the lot but Hiker and I did not run across anyone on the Whitney Trail so everyone must have been over on The Beast or on the Elsmere Canyon Trail. Today I didn't wear my hiking boots or my hiking shoes, I wore my regular walking sneakers and my feet didn't hurt like they did last week when Hiker and I went hiking. So it must be the boots. After lunch, Hiker and I went over to Jean's and took her dog Charlie out for a walk. He and Hiker get along, but they are not as “close” as Hiker and Sassy are.

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