Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Group Day

Really didn't want to get out of bed this morning but had to so I could go to my grief group. It was a little chilly here this morning but warmed up to around 80° by the afternoon. When I first got to group today, hardly anyone was there but they all came in right around 11 am. We had a new guy named Bernie. He had just lost his wife on February 26th and they had been married almost 69 years. He cried when he was telling some of us about her. Felt so bad for him. Another member Jane, said she remembered him and his wife from the hospital when her husband was there for dialysis. She said that she thought Bernie is about 93 years old. It is scary enough to lose your spouse, but I cannot imagine losing them at that age. I guess the only consolation is that you probably won't have too many years left to live without them. I keep thinking that maybe I will wash my vehicles tomorrow, but they have said we “might” get rain. Just have to wait and see. Jane, Ruth and I went over to Jimmy Dean's for lunch after group.

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