Friday, March 29, 2013

Good News/Bad News

Had to get up early to get over to Kaiser this morning. We never know what kind of traffic we will run into between Santa Clarita and Panorama City so we always give ourselves enough time to get there. As it was, since it was Friday (and Good Friday at that), there was hardly any traffic at all and we arrived at Kaiser about 30 minutes before my check-in time and about 45 minutes before my appointment. I went to the check-in point that Ben used to go to only to find that my doctor had moved down the hall. After checking in, they called me into the exam area. They put drops in my eyes and took so photos of the insides of my eyes. When the doctor finally came in, he said he felt the diagnosis of a Macular Pucker that I received from Facey Medical back in 2005 was incorrect. At Facey I had only gone to see an ophthalmologist, whereas today at Kaiser I saw a retinal surgeon. Today the doctor diagnosed my problem as Cystoid Macular Edema which is something totally different than the Macular Pucker as it has to do with the vascular system and according to the doctor, much easier to treat. I go back on April 15th to have dye injected into an arm vein which will run all through my body so that they can take photographs of the inside of my eye to see if there is any hemorrhaging anywhere in my eye and so the doctor can verify his new diagnosis. The on April 18th I will go back on a follow-up so the doctor can tell me how he is going to proceed. I felt so much better after I left his office. Keith drove us home and we went up to visit with Jean for a little while. Keith and I then decided to go over to Backwoods Inn Steakhouse for lunch. Had a great lunch, but then as we were leaving, I bumped into a car in the parking lot. NOT just a car...A LEXUS! No damage to my car but it put a 7” dent in the back passenger door. Thank goodness I was only going about 2 mph. I went back into the restaurant and found the owner and we exchanged information. He was very nice about the whole thing and I was very shaken up. This is the first insurance claim I have had to make in about 40 years. I called Mercury Insurance when we got home from lunch and they too all of the information and said a claims rep will be calling me later today or Monday. I hope it doesn't cause my insurance premium to go up. So my “good morning” turned into a “not so good afternoon”, but I feel I did the right thing finding the owner of the car I bumped. Some people would have just taken off and never admitted that they had done it.


  1. Kay, I hope the eye situation gets straight. It's disturbing that doctor's make incorrect diagnosis so often. Oh I would have been upset too about the car situation. I hate that happened today. Your hikes always look so wonderful. So does the weather. lol

  2. I'm glad your eye appointment gave you some peace, Kay... and I know that reporting the fender bender you had also gave you peace. You wouldn't have slept well for a whole LOT of nights if you had not done the right thing. You're a good woman, sweetpea.



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