Monday, March 11, 2013

Tax Refunds - YEA!

Had a morning dog walk/play date with Jean and her dogs this morning. This will be the last one for several weeks because Jean is having foot surgery on Wednesday and the doctor told her he does not want her on her feet for a few weeks and then she will have to cut back on her walking until her foot totally heals. While I was out, my brother Ron called so I called him back and we chatted for awhile then I went up to Stater Brothers and did my grocery shopping. While I was there, I got a text from my brother Keith telling me he had just felt an earthquake. It was a 4.7 and it was out in Riverside County. I had not felt it because I was moving around in the store but I heard that it was felt by people here in Santa Clarita and my cousin Lynda felt it out by the beach. Got a call from my tax people telling me my paperwork was ready to pick up so put Hiker in the car and we headed up to La Canada to pick it up. I was surprised I am actually getting refunds.

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