Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Not Much To Blog About Today

Not much to write about today. Went to my Grief Support Group. We were missing a few people today as some of the “regulars” didn't show. After group, went to lunch with DeDee, Jane and Mona. We went to Red Robin. It has been “hazy” here all day as there is a marine layer over us. We are supposed to get rain sometime tomorrow. I have to get up early in the morning and be over to the Toyota dealer to have my Corolla serviced. I'm going to have them check the brakes also because they have been squeaking some. I got new front brakes on it in 2011 when Ben was in the hospital but it might need rear brakes. Also want them to check my front passenger window. Sometimes it “shimmies” when I open and close it so I'm thinking it has a loose bolt or is coming off of the track. I could take Hiker with me but the last time I took her there, she got a little “antsy” because we had to just sit for so long. I had taken her for a 2 mile walk when I first left the car, but that was last summer and once it got hot, we stayed in the air conditioned waiting room.

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