Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gift To Myself

Got up and did a little house cleaning this morning. Wanted to get it done before Keith arrives. He is coming to stay with Hiker and me until Saturday afternoon. The main reason he is coming is because he is taking me to the retinal specialist on Friday morning over at the Kaiser in Panorama City. I would not be able to drive myself because they will be dilating my eyes. I will be going to the same retinal specialist that Ben went to. Don't know how I will feel about being in that office again since I sat in that lobby so many times waiting for Ben to come out after his exams. I hope it does not bring up too many memories. Hiker was anxiously awaiting Keith's arrival. He got here just before 11:30. We headed out to get my 4Runner washed and then to lunch at Del Taco. Then we went to Sam's Club. I had decided a few months ago that if I got enough on my tax return, I was going to buy myself a bigger television for the living room. I had a 42” Vizio that Ben and I had bought about 6 or 8 years ago and it was still working just fine, but I just wanted something BIGGER and I wanted an LED instead of LCD and I wanted a Wi-Fi one. Didn't need 3D as I don't watch that many movies to need it. Anyway, I got a 55” Vizio LED Wi-Fi one. Keith helped me get it home and all set up. It is HUGE! I'm giving Keith my 42” one because he is always doing things for me when he comes to visit.


  1. Enjoy that new TV.Sure makes my 32' look small.

  2. Good luck at the doctor today, Kay! I will be praying for you. Keep us posted.



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