Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nice Three Mile Hike Today

Because of the time change, Hiker did not wake me up until 7 am to go outside. Of course my body still knew that is was really 6 am (LOL). It was a beautiful morning when we got up. Went to get my Lotto tickets and then came home and changed the sheets on the bed and did my vacuuming. Decided since I was not yet hungry for lunch because of the time change, that Hiker and I should go out for a hike. We headed over to Whitney Canyon but could not find a place to park in the “free” area. I could not believe so many people were there, but then as I said, it was beautiful outside. Guess next time I'll take some money with me and park in the parking lot that charges a fee. So then we headed over to Towsley Canyon. It was really crowded there too, but we did find a place to park in the no fee lot. We were only going to do about a mile and a half but ended up going up to the Narrows so we did a little over 3 miles. When I'm out hiking, I keep wondering how much longer I will be able to do it because my feet really hurt me when I'm out on the trails. I hope I won't have to stop hiking for a long time.

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  1. Some inserts for your shoes may help. You have some pretty areas to hike in. Take care, Sheila


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