Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

Started falling asleep on the sofa last night around 8:30 pm. Keith had left around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. I guess I was a little tired from running around while he was here. Hiker and I slept in until around 8 am. I made breakfast and did a load of laundry. It was overcast here all day. I decided to just stay around home because I live near a big Catholic church and would have to drive past it to go anywhere. The traffic from the church is bad enough on a “normal” Sunday but it is much worse on Easter Sunday. Did a little housework. Jean called to see if I was coming over to walk one of her dogs, which I had thought about doing, but she wanted to let me know that she was going to a neighbor's house for the afternoon, so I told her I'd come by tomorrow sometime and walk the dog. It drizzled around 1:30 this afternoon. All in all, today was a pretty “boring” day I guess.

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  1. Just doing everyday things here too. HAPPY EASTER! HAPPY SPRING however you celebrated.


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