Saturday, June 29, 2013

Another Stay Inside Day

Hiker woke me up a little after 6 am and it was already getting hot. I didn't sleep all that well because it was warm last night. I don't like to run the A/C at night because it makes my nose clog up and gives me a sore throat. It was too warm outside for me to open my sliding door. Had the fan blowing on me, so that helped. We got up a little after 7 am. I had to go to the post office to drop off a package. I went over there at 9 am when they opened and it was already 93° at that time. When I came home, Hiker wanted to go outside. She likes to go out in the morning and lay in the sun, but it was so hot that she only stayed out there a few minutes. I felt sorry for my gardener and his son when they were here mowing my lawn. It was right around 100° outside at that time. Hiker went out again to go potty around 12:30 and she went to lay in the sun like she always does. She stayed about 2 minutes and came running back to the door to come into the house. I did some laundry but spent most of the day on the couch watching Netflix again. It was just to dang hot to do anything else.


  1. Oh my goodness.That is too hot to even think. Best place to be is inside with the AC on.

  2. Oh gosh that is too hot. I'd have to have the a/c on. We sure can't live w/o it here. We cooled down a bit. I think when you all are cool it's hot here and vice versa. Something about the jet stream I think and how it slices through the US. Our hot days are coming. Usually by July 4 we can't stand it....all the way through until mid Sept.


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