Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting Too HOT

Slept in some again this morning. That's getting to be a habit. Had crazy dreams all night long. I always have dreams that I have retired from Lockheed but went back to work for some unknown reason and that I know I'm supposed to be retired and keep saying I'm going to retire again, but I keep forgetting to turn in my paperwork. I've had dreams like that the entire 7 years I've been retired. When Hiker and I got up at 8 am, it was already 78° on my patio. We headed out to buy my lottery ticket for Saturday and then when I got home, I had to clean house. Wanted to get it done before it got much hotter. Took me an hour and by the time I finished it was already 88° outside and my A/C kicked on not long after I was done. Needless to say, there will be no walk today. Hiker and I will get out for a dog walk with Jean early tomorrow morning before it gets too hot. It got up to around 98° on my patio by 2:45 pm. It felt very hot when I walked up to my mailbox and we are supposed to be even hotter this weekend. YUCK!

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  1. WOW I thought 98 was hot but then I saw your weather forecast and saw 107.


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