Saturday, June 8, 2013

Yard Sale Day

Today was our annual community yard sale. Hiker and I had to get up at 5:30 am to get over to Jean's before 6:30 am to help her set up. Since I only had 2 things to sell I just decided to put my stuff out at Jean's house. She had all kinds of things for sell. We have about 450 homes in our gated community, but not everyone joins in, in fact, Ben and I never participated in the sale. This was the first time in the 18 years I've lived here that I every participated a little. This year our community management made arrangements with a charitable organization called “New Hope For Troubled Lives” to pick up anything that did not sell as they take it and sell it in their thrift stores. When the charity truck came around, they were telling all of us to be careful because some woman was going around in a burgundy van telling people that she was the organization that was supposed to pick up the pink bags they gave us to put our donations into. It is terrible how some people will do things like that. I was able to sell the 2 things I had. One was a large George Foreman Grill and the other was an HP All-In-One-Printer. They were old, but both of them worked. I only got $10 for both of them, but if I had not sold them, they were going to charity, so I think I came out ahead. We were so glad that they weatherman was wrong about how hot it was going to be today. They had originally predicted 103° but thank goodness it only got up to about 85°. I took Hiker with me over to Jean's for the sell and she sat inside the garage with us for 7 hours, just watching the people wander around. I was so proud of her because she did not growl or bark at anyone. I know if I had left her at home, she would have done nothing but growl and bark at everyone walking up and down the street.

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  1. The sale sounds like a lot of fun. I love things like that. WOW! That's amazing that Hiker didn't growl or bark. Glad your temps stayed cooler than predicted.


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