Saturday, June 22, 2013

Relaxing Afternoon

Ben was in my dreams last night and funny was his mom. He and I were out shopping trying to find some clothes for him. He was very picky about his pants. They had to be a certain brand and a certain style and he always had trouble finding the right length so we were out at night going from store to store. Strange because he and I never went out shopping at night. Then we stopped by his mom's house, only it didn't look like her house. Funny how dreams are that way. She was trying to find an email address for me which was also strange because his mom never had a computer. In the dream, I remember her searching her dining room table looking through pieces of paper for that email address. When she was alive, she always had little pieces of paper with notes that she had written on her dining room table and I remember she would always look through them to find something when we were visiting. Took Hiker for a morning walk and then came home and did some laundry. Hiker spent the morning outside alternating between lying in the sun and shade. Before noon, after my gardener came, I went into the backyard to play some ball with Hiker and I smelled smoke. Found out there was a small brush fire over on The Old Road just off I5 about 10 miles away. Actually found out there were 2 brush fires, but they got them under control pretty quick. Got up to around 85° here today.


  1. Lucky you found those little brush fires before they turned into big ones!
    Yes, dreams are so strange. I never understand why we don't notice if things are unlikely or unrealistic in them.

  2. Dreams have a way of grounding you to the present while taking you back to the past. Yours sounded interesting.


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