Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Normal Tuesday

Went to my support group at the senior center today then out for pizza and salad with the “group girls”. Got a little warmer here today...into the high 80's. I need to get outside this evening when it has cooled down some on my driveway and wash my Corolla. It is so dirty I can barely see through the windows and I have to drive it up to Sunland tomorrow to meet Ben's buddy Ed at the Sizzler for lunch. I want to be able to see where I'm going (LOL). I received another recall notice for my Corolla in the mail the other day, but it said they were just informing people about the problem and that they do not yet have a “fix” for it and will send another letter when they have the “fix” so that I can make an appointment to take it to the dealer. That's the second recall this year.

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  1. I had a vintage Corolla and it lasted a good long time. never had a recall. Hope yours is an easy fix.


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