Friday, June 7, 2013

Been Busy

I was sound asleep and dreaming when my alarm when off this morning. Had our morning dog walk/play date with Jean and her dogs then Jean and I went over to Wal-Mart because I was looking for one of those small portable propane bar-b-ques. I have a small table-top one but I'm always so afraid it is going to fall off the table, so I want one of the ones that you can take camping or tail gating because I can fold up the stand and put it in the garage. I saw online that the one I wanted was also available in the store, but when we got over there, they didn't have them. I'll have to go shop around and see if I can find one elsewhere. Came home and then Hiker and I went up to Jean's to help her get ready for the community yard sale tomorrow. She always has a lot of things to try to sell, I only have two items that I'm going to try to sell, so I took them over to her house and will sit with her tomorrow. A couple of good things...our community has arranged for one of the local charity groups to come by and pick up things that are not sold and are worth donating, plus they told us that the work crew here at the community will pick up anything that is not worth donating and take it in a big truck over to the dump and we will not be charged for it. I had Ben's old arm chair out on my patio and I very rarely sit in it plus it is pretty broken down, so I put it out at the curb so the work crew can pick it up tomorrow.

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