Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Day At The Fair

Didn't go to my support group today. Instead, my neighbor Jean and I went to the Ventura County Fair.
We left around 9:15 am to go to the fair and got there around 10:30 am. There were already a lot of people there. We went through the exhibit buildings and then walked down to see the livestock. By the time we started walking back, it was already 12:30 and there were so many people there you could hardly walk without running into someone.
While there, I bought this cool little “pouch” called a HipKlip that clips on your pants and had a slot for an iPhone and two zippered slots for caring money, credit cards, ID, etc. A couple named Allan and Julie Enriquez came up with the idea for them and let me tell you, they were selling like hotcakes.
We left the fairgrounds around 12:45 and drove over to the Ventura Harbor Village to have lunch at Andria's Fish Market and Restaurant. They have the best fish in the world. I always get the deep fried cod, but they have grilled fish and just about any kind of fish or shell fish you can think of. Some people think their prices are a little high, but they give you a lot of food. I always end up bringing half of it home for dinner that night or lunch the next day.
We stopped off at a farmer's market in Fillmore, CA on our way home.
Got home just after 3 pm. Big difference in the temperature in Canyon Country and Ventura. The fairgrounds is right on the beach in Ventura and it was about 75° up there while it was 93° at my house.

Below are links to the websites for the HipKlip and for Andria's.


Andria's Fish Market and Restaurant

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  1. Sounds like a fun day. Especially without those higher temps. The HipKlip is definitely neat. Great invention.


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