Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nice Support Group Today

I overslept this morning. Hiker usually always wakes me up just before 6 am to let her outside, but this morning she didn't. I suddenly woke up and it was almost 6:20 am.
Didn't get to sleep until around 12:30 last night because I stayed up to watch “Under The Dome” and didn't get to bed until about 11:30 pm. Then I couldn't go to sleep because my muscles were achy due to the housework I did yesterday afternoon.
I'm really thinking that there will be no new season for “Under The Dome” because everything seems to be coming to and end. We are finding out more and more information.
Had a lot of people at group today. The annoying woman did not show up today, so we were all glad about that. All of us are remarking that we'd rather listen to Edwin instead of her. Shock...shock.
Went to Red Robin with DeDee, Paul, Jane and Linda. Always fun when we go out to eat.


  1. hiker wanted to sleep in today. Sounds like a nice group session.

  2. I wish I could sleep like that, I have been up at 5:00 a.m. for no reason.


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