Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sleepy Saturday

I must have been exhausted...I had let Hiker outside at 6 am and she came back in, then I went back to bed and feel asleep and only woke up at 8 am because Hiker woke me up. I felt like I could have slept even longer.
My neighbor Jean called me not long after I got out of bed to tell me that she called Time Warner and that they were not being very helpful. We have been having problems with the sound while watching our TV shows. Jean was also upset because she uses Tivo to record her shows and Time Warner has just gone totally digital and so now her Tivo is not working. She called them to find out why and they told her she needed to get a converter for her Tivo even though she has a digital box connected to it. I keep telling her to just watch the shows she records on the TW On Demand. I don't record anything anymore myself.
Got a call from Chem Dry to remind me of my appointment with them tomorrow at 9 am and got a call from my brother Keith. He likes to call me while he is out on his daily walks.
It was too warm to do anything outside, plus I decided I did 4 days of exercising this week so figured I could relax over the week.
Watched a few more episodes of “Twin Peaks” which I started watching on Netflix last weekend.
I'll have to get up early tomorrow morning to move out some of the smaller furniture for when the carpet cleaner guy arrives.


  1. Kay, just poppin' by to say hello. I got to sleep late this morning. Instead of 4 I got up at 7! Tugie and Roger said to tell Hiker hello.

  2. Time Warner is not the least bit cooperative when you talk to them. Frustrating for sure.


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