Friday, August 8, 2014


Up early for our regular Friday dog walk with Jean and her three dogs. The weather was nice and cool and not humid this morning which was nice because it meant we were not being eaten up by the bugs.
Didn't do too much today. After lunch Hiker and I went over to Central Park and walked around for a little over a mile (20 minutes). It started getting hot and I started sweating which caused the bugs to start attacking me, so we headed home.
Around 3 pm, I did another 1 mile indoor walking with my Leslie Sansone DVDs.
I heard back from the woman that I bought that HipKlip pouch from at the fair. She told me that she will replace the pouch free of charge. She had offered to send me free tickets to get back into the fair, but she said I would have to pay for the parking which is $10, or she could mail another pouch to me. I told her to just mail it because it would cost me $15 in gas to drive back up to the fair, plus the parking for $10. That would cost me as much as buying a new pouch. It's nice to deal with people who stand behind their products.

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  1. That's wonderful you'll get a brand new replacement pouch. Hope this one doesn't malfunction.


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