Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week-end Is Almost Here

Stayed in bed until around 8 am this morning. Was not really asleep. Had the TV on and dozed now and then. Since I usually don't have regular plans on Thursdays, I tend to stay in bed longer on that day.
Had some breakfast and then took Hiker up to Canyon Country Park where we did a 1.3 mile walk. Started getting pretty warm while we were there. There was about 20 women doing Zumba in the park. I was sweating from the walking, so they must have been drenched! They were jumping up and down and going crazy to the music. There is no way I would ever be able to do that.
We got home around 9:45 am and it was already 83° on my patio. Hiker went straight outside fell asleep on the cool cement.
Jean and I will walk the dogs tomorrow morning and then around 10 am, she will drive me down to Kaiser for my next eye injection. The injections don't bother me, but I'm not looking forward to having the inky floaters for the next 2 to 4 days. At least I know they are normal when getting the steroid injections. When they were injecting me with Avastin I didn't get any big floaters, but the doctor did warn me that the steroids float around in my eye for a few days and that's what I am actually seeing.
Got up to 104° here today. Hope it cools down for the weekend. Keith and I would like to go for a hike.

View from the park this morning:

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  1. Good luck with the injection. I think that is sweet Hiker cools herself off on the cooler patio.


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