Monday, August 11, 2014

Usual Monday

Up at 6 am to go for our dog walk with Jean. She was early this morning. After our walk she had to take her car to have it smogged, so there was no play date for the dogs this morning.
Hiker and I came home and had breakfast and then I washed my sheets and towels since I didn't do it yesterday due to the guy being here cleaning my carpets.
I drove over to get my lottery tickets this morning and I saw the Chem Dry guy. He saw me and gave me a big wave. Nice guy.
Got a call from Jean. She was still at the car dealer. They found an oil leak in her 14 year old Rav4 so she has to leave her car. I thought she was calling for me to come and pick her up, but she said a friend from her card group is coming to get her and take her to their game, but she wanted to know if I could drive her back over to pick her car up tomorrow after 12 noon. I had to tell her no because I have my support group tomorrow and then I go out to lunch with the ladies of the group and do not get home until after 2 pm. I told her if she wanted to wait, I could come by and get her around 2 pm and take her to get her car, but she said she would call the dealer shuttle car. I felt kind of bad about it because she is always so good about driving me to my eye doctor appointments.
After lunch, I decided to clean my guest bathroom. I noticed while I was cleaning that it was getting cloudy outside. Went out on the porch to look and it was really humid.
As soon as I get this sent out, I need to do some indoor walking.

Super Moon when we got up this morning


  1. I was up same time and looked up at the moon hanging high in the west.

  2. Too cloudy here to see the Super Moon. Enjoyed your pic of it.


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