Saturday, August 2, 2014

Just Hangin' Out With Hiker

Decided to be lazy this morning. After I let Hiker outside to potty at 6 am, she and I went back to bed. I tried to go back to sleep and I did doze off a little, but just before 8 am, Hiker decided she didn't want me to sleep anymore. First she got on the pillow right next to my head as close as she could get. I ignored her. Then she started making “moaning” sounds, which I also tried to ignore. After awhile, she started putting her nose on me and licking my ear. I pretended to ignore that, which was hard to do. I decided to put the sheet up over my head so she then started pulling the sheet off of me with her front feet. I finally gave in and got out of bed.
Decided to start watching “Twin Peaks”. Don't know why I never watched it when it was on TV back in the early 90s. It appears to be the kind of TV series I would have loved to watch.
Was overcast most of the day here. Thermometer said it was 90° but when Hiker and I walked up to the mailbox, it didn't feel that warm. It was also getting pretty windy. They are saying we have a chance of thunder storms late tonight.

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  1. How sweet the way Hiker nudged you out of bed. My cats do a similar thing to me, but I aggravate them by staying put in bed and not moving an inch.


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