Monday, August 25, 2014

Wish This Cooler Weather Would Stay Awhile

I had wild and crazy dreams all night long, but I do not remember a single one of them. I kept waking up like every hour or so from a dream and I'd look at the clock. Then I'd go back to sleep and have another crazy dream and wake up and look at the clock again. Maybe I should stop looking at the clock – LOL.
Got up at 6 am for our dog walk with Jean. Her little girl dog Sassy had gotten her dewclaw caught in something this morning before they came over and she ripped it half off. Poor little girl. I don't know why dogs have dewclaws. I'm sure at one time they had a purpose but they don't anymore.
After Jean left and Hiker and I had a some poached eggs, I headed out to run some errands. Had to get gas in the car and had to stop by the Home Depot.
We had another “fall-like” morning here today. It was beautiful. Cool and breezy with that little autumn crispness in the air and some streaky clouds in the sky. But they are saying that we will be back up in the triple digits this weekend. There is a category 4 hurricane at the tip of Baja California that is heading up our way and they say it will bring in heat, humidity, and high tides. They didn't say anything about rain though. It will probably blow itself out before it gets here or it will head west and away from us. I've never heard of a Pacific hurricane coming ashore in California.
So after lunch and after Y&R is over, I say “Hiker, I'm going to go for a walk, so you can stay home if you want since you went out this morning on the dog walk with Jean and her dogs”. I was planning on walking down the street through Discovery Park and along the dry riverbed. Well suddenly Hiker is up on my lap kissing me and jumping all over the place telling me she wants to go with me. She knows that we sometimes go to walk somewhere else in town and that means she gets a ride in the car, so instead of Discovery park, I took her over to Central Park and we walked just a little over a mile and a half.
While were at the park, it started to get pretty windy. I think we are getting some of the clouds and wind from tropical storm Julio.
When we got back home, I used the carpet rake on my carpet and then vacuumed the entire house. Now I'm all hot, sweaty and tired.
Only got to 83° here today.

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  1. Do you remember your dreams. I tend to forget mine as soon as I wake up. Hiker sounded enthusiastic about the walk.


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