Friday, August 22, 2014


Last night I watched a movie on Netflix called “Alien Abduction”. They movie was kind of like a documentary and they “claim” that it was based on a true story. Now I watch all kinds of crime shows, even all the ones on the cable networks that are based on true stories and they don't scare me, but this movie made me feel a little jumpy last night after I watched it. Even caused me to have some strange dreams which the crime shows don't do.
Hiker and I got out of be around 6 am and got ready to go for our Friday dog walk with Jean. Jean is still boarding a little dog named Dodger, so we had an extra fur bay with us this morning.
After breakfast, I refilled my humming bird feeders. Then Jean called and asked if she could come over and look at my sprinkler controller in the garage. We are trying to adjust our watering to the new rules brought on by the drought we are in, so she wanted to see how mine was set. I'm aloud to water Monday, Wednesday and Friday because I have an odd address and her watering days are Sunday Tuesday and Thursday because her address is even. No one is supposed to be watering on Saturdays. I've noticed that most of my neighbors are still watering every day even though they are only supposed to water 3 days a week now, plus they are watering on days that do not go along with the schedule. I don't know if they will be fined or not, but I would prefer not to risk it myself.
Got into the low 90s today. I sure am looking forward to fall getting here.

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  1. That drought is hitting hard. Hope your neighbors comply. It helps everybody.


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