Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Typical Tuesday

Would have loved to stay in bed this morning. Didn't get to sleep last night until almost 1 pm. I stayed up watching “Under The Dome” and then was wide awake. Tried watching TV in bed because that usually puts me to sleep, but didn't work this time.
Beautiful morning here today. It was almost 70° at 6 am, but there were some clouds in the sky and it just looked so pretty. Even though it's in the 90's during the day here, at least our mornings and nights are cool. We've only had a few days over 100° this summer whereas last summer we had weeks of those high temperatures.
Went to my grief support group today. Had a very small group of people today. A new woman joined us. She has been widowed for a little over a year. Four of us ladies and Paul went to lunch at Cathy's Deli and this time Paul did not pay for all of us, which we were all glad about. We all agree that it is nice of him to want to treat us, but we all feel uncomfortable that he does it all of the time.
I had a patty melt and when I got home, I felt like I was going to explode. It really filled me up.
Got up to 99° here today, so it was a little hotter than it has been.

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  1. Glad Paul finally got the message. maybe one day all you ladies could chip in and buy him lunch.


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