Friday, August 29, 2014

Today Sped By

Up early for our Friday dog walk and then Jean drove me down to Kaiser in Panorama City to my appointment with my retinal specialist.
This time he didn't shoot me eye full of steroids, instead he injected Avastin which is what he used in the first series of injections. They only do one or two steroid injections since steroids are not really good for us. So this time, they did not have to dilate my eyes, nor do I have the black veil and ink spots in my eye which I'm happy about because I was afraid my vision would mess up my weekend in with my brother Keith.
Don't have any idea when my next injection will be because my doctor told me he is on call for jury duty so they are trying to work out what days he will be in his office. He said that his scheduler will call me as soon as she gets it all worked out, but he did say it won't hurt anything if I go a little longer before the next injection.
Funny, he was able to get me off of jury duty, but he cannot get out of it himself. He said he kept trying to talk the judge into dismissing him, but she got mad at him and she told him to get his schedule rearranged and then come back. Must be an a-hole of a judge to not let a surgeon off.
On the way home we stopped at the Dollar Tree and I bought a few Fall decorations and then I treated Jean to lunch at BJ's Restaurant & Brewery. I had never been there. It was a nice place and their food and service was good.
So tomorrow morning I have to get up a little early and get my laundry done before Keith gets here.
It was 102° on my patio when I got home at 2 pm.

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  1. Glad this injection was better than your last one and that your eyes are clear. Enjoy your weekend. Love that picture of Hiker.


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